Culinary Delights

Dirty Snowballs

Happy Winter! It’s definitely snowball season here in the great north woods. I think it is the perfect time to share one of my favorite treat recipes with you. Enter Dirty Snowballs. Alright…this is just the name I have given these delightful little balls of goodness. My dear mom used to make these cookies for… Continue reading Dirty Snowballs

Culinary Delights

Summer Cake

Strawberries are bursting forth in the great north woods. Well, not in the woods but in the fields. You know…strawberry 🎶 fields 🎶 forever 🎶.  *insert best Beatles singing voice* (Side note: My kids get so mad at me because hearing just a few of the right words strewn together, matching any song lyrics I… Continue reading Summer Cake


Waiting for Unicorns

I don’t know if y’all have any amazing friends who also happen to be famous but I am happy, honored, privileged and very proud to share with you that I do! My dearest friend Beth’s debut novel came out earlier this year and it’s a gorgeous book with heart and soul and beauty. Just like… Continue reading Waiting for Unicorns