Christmas Kringler

So, the holidays have come and gone.  I should have posted this recipe a month ago BEFORE the holidays.  But, you see, I am just not always that on top of things.  Alas, the time must be right because this is when this post is taking place.  Now.  When I can think clearly and reflect on the wondrous creation that is Christmas Kringler, with nary a thought of gift wrapping or cookie baking to be found in my over-stimulated brain.

Kringler is a Scandinavian pastry and is, hands down, my all time favorite thing in the whole wide world.  It holds deep childhood memories for me, as it was tradition for my own dear mom to grace us with this delightful confection on Christmas morning.  My grandma made it for my mom, and my great-grandmother made it for my grandma.  I’m not exactly sure where the legacy begins.  I just know I love it and never want it to end.  So, I continue the legacy with my sweet family.  Kringler also contains the very same almond extract that always makes my heart go pitter-patter.  Oh almond extract!  Divine.  Delightful.  And did I mention that it’s IN the Kringler?  AND in the frosting?   Be still, my beating heart.  Without further ado, I introduce you to the renowned and glorious Christmas Kringler.


Read through all directions before beginning, as there are three parts to the process.

But don’t be afraid.  It’s all very basic.  And DIVINE.

Kringler Recipe




I like to enlist my husband to help with the mixing in of the eggs (one at a time) portion.  It gives him the satisfaction of helping and saves my arm from the heavy stirring.

I have also used milk when I did not have any cream and it works just fine for the frosting.

We even shared this with friends once as dessert.  Although, usually it holds its sacred spot of December 25th.

I invite you to try this recipe and if it feels right, to add it to your Christmas morning tradition.

Happy 2014!

P.S.  If you get the urge for Kringler throughout the year, try these Almond Meltaway Cookies.

The Day the Crayons Quit

My son received this wonderful book, The Day the Crayons Quit, for his 7th birthday from our dear friends. It was a huge hit with both of my children, current ages four and (you guessed it) seven. My son loved it so much that he brought it to school to share with his class.  We received a note in return, expressing how much the teacher and all the kids LOVED it.  I am sharing it with you because it makes a terrific gift. With Christmas right around the corner, I figured you may need to find something sweet to share with the little ones in your life.  In this story, author Drew Daywalt weaves an imaginitive tale where the crayons come to life, expressing sentiments of frustration and suggestions for improvement to their owner.   The illustrations by Oliver Jeffers are equally as gorgeous as the narrative.  My children giggled a lot, especially at the embarrasing predicament of peach crayon.

The Day the Crayons Quit comes with 4 thumbs up from our family.  I highly recommend adding it to your family collection or giving it to a child or educator in your life.  Enjoy!

Thankful Hearts

Give ThanksI love Thanksgiving for many reasons.

I love that we have a day devoted to this task.

I love reflecting on all the blessings in my life.

It makes my heart happy.

I love the traditions of the holiday.

The family time. The fellowship. The food.

Especially the stuffing.  And the green bean casserole. And the pie.

It makes my belly smile.

I love that we take the entire day to eat and give thanks. Or more appropriately, to give thanks and eat.

I also enjoy accessorizing the holiday feast with creative bits and felt compelled to share.

thankful tree

Crafting a Thankful Tree is a fun, colorful way for everyone to share what they are thankful for. Each family member may use a tag/leaf to jot down their sentiments and share them as they place their tag/leaf on the tree.  What a gorgeous display by Emily Rose at Simply Vintage Girl.


Adding a note at each place setting for family and friends to ink their blessings is another option. Your belly may fill with dread as you try to remember what you are going to say as your family goes around the table reciting what they are thankful for from memory. This allows you to write it down for easy reference, thus saving you from any turkey tongue ties.

I can’t decide between the tree or the place setting idea. I like them both equally.  If only I had the turkey wishbone to help me decide…
I know that’s for making a wish but I wish I knew which one to do.  One this year.  One next year.  Thank you.  Problem solved.

kids thanksgiving

Keeping the wee ones busy is always in good fashion.  You can tailor the festivities to the little ones with these adorable printables from Paper Glitter.


We definitely plan to play a few rowdy rounds of Thanksgiving Bingo with the little ones.  And we are thankful to Crazy Little Projects for sharing these with us.

This year, the kids have secured the great privilege of decorating Grandpa and Grandma’s Christmas tree.

So that should keep them busy.  At least for a few minutes.

May you and yours enter the holiday season with thankful hearts –

Click here to get the printable at the top of this post.