Muffin Tin Brownies


Over here at Floating at Rottnest, we are celebrating 7 years of blogging! We officially made our debut in March of 2011. So, we decided to do some snazzy updates and give the site a new look. We invite you to check it out and browse around when you have a few minutes. (We sure hope you like it!) Then, we thought it best to add another sweet treat to our collection. (Can you ever really have too many desserts in your arsenal?)

Enter Muffin Tin Brownies. I love that these are individual (perfect for a party!) and so easy to track. As in, we were able to split up Muffin Tin Brownies evenly amongst our family members (keeping it fair, y’know…) and no one is able to sneak in and take slivers of brownie when no one is looking. (Ahem!) I’m not sure who would do that but just saying that it may happen here at the Anderson household…

*finger pointing at husband while looking away in opposite direction*

Of course, we used the parchment baking cups to keep the brownie intact.

Thanks so much to Kate at I Heart Eating for posting these! Check out the recipe and Kate’s gorgeous photos here. (I was pretty happy with my photos too. These brownies were great subjects and posed so well. They really know how to show off!)


These are so yummy and definitely satisfy any hankering you may have for chocolate! 😉

And happy 7th anniversary to us! 🙂


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