Muffin Tin Brownies


Over here at Floating at Rottnest, we are celebrating 7 years of blogging! We officially made our debut in March of 2011. So, we decided to do some snazzy updates and give the site a new look. We invite you to check it out and browse around when you have a few minutes. (We sure hope you like it!) Then, we thought it best to add another sweet treat to our collection. (Can you ever really have too many desserts in your arsenal?)

Enter Muffin Tin Brownies. I love that these are individual (perfect for a party!) and so easy to track. As in, we were able to split up Muffin Tin Brownies evenly amongst our family members (keeping it fair, y’know…) and no one is able to sneak in and take slivers of brownie when no one is looking. (Ahem!) I’m not sure who would do that but just saying that it may happen here at the Anderson household…

*finger pointing at husband while looking away in opposite direction*

Of course, we used the parchment baking cups to keep the brownie intact.

Thanks so much to Kate at I Heart Eating for posting these! Check out the recipe and Kate’s gorgeous photos here. (I was pretty happy with my photos too. These brownies were great subjects and posed so well. They really know how to show off!)


These are so yummy and definitely satisfy any hankering you may have for chocolate! 😉

And happy 7th anniversary to us! 🙂


Chocolate & PB Sandwich Cookies

My husband adores chocolate and peanut butter, separately and together but most definitely together. So, when I stumbled on this recipe a little light bulb went off in my head (that happens sometimes). I dashed to the market for some Devil’s Food Cake Mix (it’s not something I stock in my pantry but I probably should!) and whipped these babies up for my man.

choc pb sandwich cookie close up

At the risk of losing friends (you know who you are!), I have to confess that I am not a lover of the peanut butter-chocolate marriage. {bows head in slight shame} I have moments where I will dive in, but they are rare. Peanut butter cups, occasionally yes. It is never the chocolate that dissuades me in these peanut butter-chocolate events. Chocolate and I get along very well under almost all circumstances. It’s the peanut butter with the chocolate. I can’t quite explain it. But my husband puts PB on his pancakes and even in his oatmeal (!) so we just differ on our love of the butter of peanuts. And that is okay. I hope you still love me. I can, without a doubt, tell you that if you are a fan of the divine marriage of chocolate and peanut butter, these will melt in your mouth and possibly leave you at a loss for words. My husband loves them. Mine got a little fat but…eh…par for the course, I say. 🙂

Special thanks to Amy at My Name is Snickerdoodle for keeping me in good graces with my hubby. Here is the printable recipe: Chocolate and Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies

These will keep for 2 days at room temperature in a sealed container or place in refrigerator.  Ours don’t ever make it past the 2 day mark.  But you may also like them in the fridge for an extra cool treat.

I must say that the chocolate cookies alone are a joy all on their own! MuWah!

Summer Cake

Strawberries are bursting forth in the great north woods. Well, not in the woods but in the fields. You know…strawberry 🎶 fields 🎶 forever 🎶.  *insert best Beatles singing voice*

(Side note: My kids get so mad at me because hearing just a few of the right words strewn together, matching any song lyrics I have ever heard, causes me to break into song. Case in point.) 


Anyway, a cool summer evening and some berries prompted me to get my summer cake on.


If you’ve got strawberries or any berries in your possession, you are free to make this delightful cake.


Go ahead. I dare you.

Here is the official Strawberry Summer Cake post from Smitten Kitchen and official printable recipe. I left it completely un-tweaked, except for the fact that I did not measure my berries and Deb used a much prettier baking dish. While you are there, you should check out more posts on Smitten Kitchen. It’s a beautiful blog and the author even has her very own cookbook. It’s a wonderful one to add to your collection.

P.S. My daughter came in as I was writing this and part of her sentence contained “all you need is…” and what do you think I belted out? Oh, yes. *imagine more beautiful singing* 🎶 All you need is love, love,…🎶 love is all you need. 🎶 Then she said, no, you also need a house and we had a brilliant conversation on what we really do need.

Love (see how I did that?),