Bravery. This is a word that has been on my mind and in my heart for a long while now. It is something I think about every morning as I drop my kids off at their school. My heart feels a little like it is being pulled out of my chest, like it did that first… Continue reading Bravery

Culinary Delights


Kringler is a Scandinavian pastry and is, hands down, my all time favorite thing in the whole wide world. It holds deep childhood memories for me, as it was a tradition for my own dear mom to grace us with this delightful confection on Christmas morning. My grandma made it for my mom, and my great-grandmother made it for my… Continue reading Kringler

Culinary Delights · Parenthood

Energy Bites

Alright Mommas! I’m always looking for quick but good-for-you snacks for my kiddos. We are also entering the throes of another hockey season. We’ve got two now as Miss Eva decided to join this year. (Lord, have mercy!) That means this momma needs to be ultra-organized and keep those little skaters sustained. I’m always looking for healthy,… Continue reading Energy Bites