Culinary Delights

Chocolate & PB Sandwich Cookies

My husband adores chocolate and peanut butter, separately and together but most definitely together. So, when I stumbled on this recipe a little light bulb went off in my head (that happens sometimes). I dashed to the market for some Devil’s Food Cake Mix (it’s not something I stock in my pantry but I probably should!) and whipped… Continue reading Chocolate & PB Sandwich Cookies

Literature · Parenthood

Let It Go

I am a person who holds on to things. Tightly. Memories. Conversations. Things. I hold on especially to things that have any sort of personal attachment tied to them (which is pretty much everything). A gift from my grandmother. A stuffed animal I bought for my child before they were born. My son’s art projects from kindergarten. And… Continue reading Let It Go

Culinary Delights

Simple Fish Dip

Okay, y’all. I’ve got something yummy to share. Last fall, I took a trip to see my dear friend Mo in Florida and was lucky enough to meet some new friends too! We ended up at a lovely little local spot called Nauti Nancy’s with live music and cocktails. It set the scene for a very… Continue reading Simple Fish Dip