Summer Cake

Strawberries are bursting forth in the great north woods. Well, not in the woods but in the fields. You know…strawberry 🎶 fields 🎶 forever 🎶.  *insert best Beatles singing voice*

(Side note: My kids get so mad at me because hearing just a few of the right words strewn together, matching any song lyrics I have ever heard, causes me to break into song. Case in point.) 


Anyway, a cool summer evening and some berries prompted me to get my summer cake on.


If you’ve got strawberries or any berries in your possession, you are free to make this delightful cake.


Go ahead. I dare you.

Here is the official Strawberry Summer Cake post from Smitten Kitchen and official printable recipe. I left it completely un-tweaked, except for the fact that I did not measure my berries and Deb used a much prettier baking dish. While you are there, you should check out more posts on Smitten Kitchen. It’s a beautiful blog and the author even has her very own cookbook. It’s a wonderful one to add to your collection.

P.S. My daughter came in as I was writing this and part of her sentence contained “all you need is…” and what do you think I belted out? Oh, yes. *imagine more beautiful singing* 🎶 All you need is love, love,…🎶 love is all you need. 🎶 Then she said, no, you also need a house and we had a brilliant conversation on what we really do need.

Love (see how I did that?), 



Strawberry Season

A few weeks ago, the strawberries in our locale were ripe for the picking.  So, my friend Beth and I scheduled a trip to the local berry farm on our weekly play date.  It was an adventure like no other.  It usually is when you add two almost-five year old boys and two-year old girlies times two.  It involved two berry farms (the first one was unexpectedly closed) and two separate donut purchases (the first one was unexpectedly awful).  We each picked two buckets.  Well, I picked one and a half and Beth picked two and a half.  Her kids are more well-behaved than mine.

I came home with these two flats of gorgeous berries.

Now the big decision was what to do with these delectable delights…

Let’s have a closer look, shall we?  Little berries, what would you like to do?  Your time laying in the sun is about to come to an end.  I think the majority of you will be crushed and made into sweet jam.  A few of you will be eaten just as you are.  Another bit of you will be made into this lovely Strawberry Summer Cake.  The decisions are tough when this much delicious-ness is involved.  I have to admit that as a Libra, I am just a wee bit indecisive (*voice drips with sarcasm*), so this is good.  Quick.  Easy.  Painless.  (Well, maybe not for the berries…)

I just checked out the local grower we purchased from and the last day of picking is tomorrow.  I love supporting local growers!  If you get the chance to get some from a farm near you, I promise they will not disappoint.  If you already have, good on you for contributing to your local economy.

Every year, I am thankful for strawberry season and the jam that we have year-round as a result.

Berry Blessings –