Honky Tonk

I’ve discovered a book that magically bestows an accent to my tongue when I read it.

An accent I don’t normally possess since I’m from Minna-SOH-dah.

A sweet, southern, honky tonk accent.  I’m not kiddin’ y’all.

I sound like I’m from Georgia or Alabama or maybe even Louisiana.

It is called Holler Loudly by Cynthia Leitich Smith.

I love reading it to my kids for the sheer verbal enjoyment.  I cannot help but talk like Paula Deen when I read this book y’all.  It is a great story about a boy who discovers there are right times to be loud and right times to be quiet.  Something we could all be reminded of now and again.

I reckon if y’all get a chance to read this here book, y’all are gonna love it.

Here’s to a little honky tonk at bedtime!


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