Garden Party

I consider myself very blessed to have my own little ya-ya sisterhood with a group of ladies that get together on a regular basis.  This group consists of my mom, sister, aunts, cousins, and in-laws, along with friends we love to include.  We have enjoyed many wine and appetizer nights.  We have spent the afternoon at a bead store and made our own jewelry.  We have held swap parties, of which I promise to post more detail at a later date.  We go out for dinner and movies.  We have an annual cookie exchange.  Sometimes, we even do crafts!  Good food, drink, company, and conversation are sure to be found at each event.

A month ago, the event was a garden party.  It was graciously hosted by my aunt and God-Mother Pam.  We donned hats and sun dresses for the occasion, and shared delicious food and drink while discussing flowers and other lady-like subjects.  We all brought perennials to share with each guest.  We had a lovely time!

I love the detail – the cute sign, the print on the fabric, and the flanking of peonies and daisies.

Did you notice the Mimosas, Mojitos and Tea?  Yes, we like our beverages.

Here is a table setting, complete with gloves and scones.  It all felt very English.  Lovely.  Bloody lovely.

A summer event is not complete unless it includes fruit.  Yum!

A delicious (and addicting!) creamy bruschetta dip rests in her glass dome, waiting patiently to be consumed.

Refreshing little cucumber sandwiches on rye.  Very tasty!

To go along with my summer fruit fetish, I brought my Blueberry Tart to share.

Chocolate mousse garnished with blackberries and mint sprigs was the perfect finish to our luncheon.

The peonies decided to bless us with their bountiful blooms.  Gorgeous!

This was like having our own little landscape nursery to shop from right at our disposal.  There was Cilantro, Thyme, Parsley, Bleeding Hearts, Bee Balm, Coneflowers, and more.  If you have six people attending, you bring five of whatever you would like to bring and then everyone receives five new perennials/herbs/etc.  It is truly a wonderful way to share what you already have and receive new blooms in return.  I love it!

I look forward to many more garden adventures –



4 thoughts on “Garden Party

  1. Hi Angie
    I enjoyed your blog. You are so creative!!! I will pass on to Lea’. Also, enjoyed the dessert in the jar!!!!
    Look forward to more recipes and stories. I love the garden party idea!!!


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