Artisan Bread

There is something absolutely delightful about making your own bread.  The fact is, it’s easy, simple, down home goodness.  I also happen to love all things containing carbohydrates.  It is the fuel for my soul.  I am afraid it is a condition I was born with, a disease or disorder of sorts.  Most of the time the intense desire for carbs resides in the pasta arena for me, partly because of the versatility.  There are so many amazing items you can pair with pasta.  Just think of all the different vegetable, meat, herb, and sauce combinations.  (Well, don’t think too hard or your mind might blow up.  There are that many.)

Oftentimes, my carb condition requires the consumption of bread.  Or cakes. Or brownies. Or bars. Or muffins.  Or really anything baked in the oven that resembles a baked good.  (I am sensing a dangerous pattern here.  That is why last week I joined a gym to try and counteract the effects on my waistline. Oye.)

A few years ago I stumbled upon this recipe for Artisan Bread.  All that it required of me was to mix flour with yeast and water and a little bit of salt.  That’s it.  Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, as my son would say.  I’ll give you the recipe so you can try it yourself.  It pairs well with…um, let me think…

Pasta.  (Go figure.)

It also pairs well with wine, which also coincidentally pairs extremely well with pasta.

Hmmm…I sense a consipiracy going on here between the bread, pasta, and wine.

Maybe that is actually the condition I suffer from.  BPW disorder.  Yes, that’s it!  Nothing like a good self-diagnosis.  Either way, I think this recipe is delightful and as I mentioned earlier, easy.  I couldn’t help but share it with you.

Please note that you do need to plan ahead because the dough needs to rise for at least 12 hours before baking, with another 30 minute rise after you separate into loaves.  I would recommend splitting into three loaves and definitely go middle to high range on the time, like 22-23 minutes.  I used Kosher Salt.

Printable Recipe Courtesy of Tasty Kitchen

While I do not wish my ailments on anyone, I certainly hope there are others who share my BPW disorder.  Bread, pasta, and wine is always better when shared with family and friends.  Happy Baking!


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