‘Yes Mom’


So, we just got back from a lovely vacation at a cabin up north. (We are already considered “up north” where we live but for us to take our holiday, we most certainly must head in another direction.) We had a relaxing and enjoyable time at Lake Belle Taine near Nevis, MN. Of course, now that we are back, I am feeling the sudden let down of not being on vacation. The After Vacation Blues have nestled in, as I suspected they might. While there are many things to miss from our vacation, one particular aspect was highlighted to me last night in a particularly bright light.

What is that one thing I miss most about being on vacation? I miss being a ‘Yes Mom’. You see, while at home I am constantly calculating how many ounces of juice my children have consumed, how many hours of screen time they’ve had, and how much time they have played outside in any given day. These numbers are all circulating in my head to be pulled forth at the necessary moment, to reiterate, recalculate or refute children’s inaccurate claims. This is exhausting. (Yes, I have their best interests at heart but it’s a tiresome adventure none the less.) But while at the cabin, I just said ‘Yes!’. All. The. Time. I said ‘Yes!’ to copious amounts of juice and sugary soda, to ice cream, to candy, and anything my children’s hearts desired. I didn’t have to keep track of how much time they spent outside. They played board games and card games. They played on the playground. They played on the beach. They played in the water. They went fishing with their dad and uncle and caught plenty of fish to brag about. They canoed and paddle-boated and had wonderful adventures I hope they remember forever.

Do you know what? It felt GREAT. I LOVED it!

That must be akin to the same rebellious excitement I feel when I let the kids have ice cream for dinner.
They love it. I love it. Because I get to say ‘Yes!’. And they get to hear it. Isn’t that what we all want?

P.S. In honor of being a ‘Yes Mom’, we had ice cream for dinner tonight. With chocolate. And sprinkles. And smiles.


2 thoughts on “‘Yes Mom’

  1. It is so easy to forgot about troubles and all the things you typically worry about when your on Lake Belle Tain. Campers Paradise is the best, so much I. Fact we have permanent reservations for the third Sunday to the fourth Sunday in August

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