Bean & Sweet Pepper Salsa

Fresh vegetables are everywhere right now. {cue the alleluia chorus} 😊 There is no better time to enjoy fresh salsa. And if there are any non-tomato lovers (gasp!) out there, this salsa has nary a tomato in it. 😉

Recently, we spent a week at the the lake and my dear sister came to visit us for a day. She brought this fresh salsa with…and…Oh. My. You guys! It’s so good. Credit goes to Mary Gunderson for sharing the recipe with her. (Thank you Mary!)  Served here with multi-grain scoop chips. And with a cold beer or summer cocktail, even better! {cheers!}

This requires a bit of chopping, but I usually find that somewhat cathartic.

Bean & Sweet Pepper Salsa Recipe

Tiger sauce was a bit elusive for me at our small town grocer. I used a healthy dose of Cholula original hot sauce (about 1/3 of bottle) and it worked out rather nicely. It’s just the perfect blend of sweet and spicy (and the beans provide some good fiber too!).



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