Fruit Pastries


Alright, I have to admit that Saturday mornings are by far my very most favorite morning of the entire week. Especially when we do not have to be anywhere. It’s just our little family of four, sleeping in and then enjoying a delightful breakfast. Slow. Leisurely. Relaxing. Totally enjoyable. Totally delightful. The best mornings EVER! This is mostly because we are together. All of us. No one is rushing off to work or school. And we have the morning completly at our leisure. To sip coffee. Shop online. Visit with each other. (With kids in activities, a free Saturday morning is a rarity – especially in the winter with two hockey players! We cherish DEEPLY.)

It is on these mornings that I like to make something special for breakfast. It could be pancakes or french toast. Or it could be something a bit more exquisite. These chocolate pastries come to mind, using our dear friend puff pastry. (puff pastry = easy and yummy) But I have also made these delectable pastries with fruit filling, rather than Nutella, and they are (almost) equally as thrilling. My son would disagree because he is a Nutella Lover with capital letters. It’s his most favorite food that comes in a jar. I am pretty sure he would eat it for all of his meals if he could. Sadly (for him), his mother would not let that happen. Never. Ever. She can be a bit of a nazi with food and sleep but also highly believes in everything in moderation and Leisurely Saturday Morning Breakfasts are at the top of her list of high priority items.

So, here is the deal, you make these but you just substitute your favorite fruit pie filling in place of the Nutella. I’m hoping I had most of you at “puff pastry”. After all, you are my people! 🙂

And if you are feeling like chocolate, well, by all means use the chocolate recipe! It will rock your Saturday too.

I also feel the need to provide photos for those visual folks {like me}

Sweet fruit pastries straight out of the oven – before being decorated with gorgeous glaze.

fruit pastry

and here they are with some lovely glaze drizzled across them…


There is some seriously flakiness going on here! (are you salivating yet?)

and here is a sneak peek inside the scrumptious fruit pastry…


Now, go and make these for your clan! They will love you for it.

Even more than they already do! Here is the recipe for Fruit Pastries. Cheers to Saturday mornings!!

Also…it’s like the 10th month of winter over here in good old Minnesota. And it’s only Tuesday. But I’m already wishing it were Saturday. {sigh}

I also wanted to give you time to get the ingredients that you’ll need for your Leisurely Saturday Morning Breakfast! 😉


Muffin Tin Brownies


Over here at Floating at Rottnest, we are celebrating 7 years of blogging! We officially made our debut in March of 2011. So, we decided to do some snazzy updates and give the site a new look. We invite you to check it out and browse around when you have a few minutes. (We sure hope you like it!) Then, we thought it best to add another sweet treat to our collection. (Can you ever really have too many desserts in your arsenal?)

Enter Muffin Tin Brownies. I love that these are individual (perfect for a party!) and so easy to track. As in, we were able to split up Muffin Tin Brownies evenly amongst our family members (keeping it fair, y’know…) and no one is able to sneak in and take slivers of brownie when no one is looking. (Ahem!) I’m not sure who would do that but just saying that it may happen here at the Anderson household…

*finger pointing at husband while looking away in opposite direction*

Of course, we used the parchment baking cups to keep the brownie intact.

Thanks so much to Kate at I Heart Eating for posting these! Check out the recipe and Kate’s gorgeous photos here. (I was pretty happy with my photos too. These brownies were great subjects and posed so well. They really know how to show off!)


These are so yummy and definitely satisfy any hankering you may have for chocolate! 😉

And happy 7th anniversary to us! 🙂

Parchment Baking Cup

You guys. This is a slightly odd post but when I first started this blog, I told you I would share my discoveries with you. It’s usually sharing a recipe but this time it’s a tool to help you bake and bake well! I am proud to say I have discovered The Most Perfect Baking Cup. *drum roll please*

Do you ever bake muffins or cupcakes and when your people go to eat said treats, they stick to the paper cup? You lose one-third of the baked item to the paper and you have to pick it off like a pigeon. It’s dreadful. Well, these little babies do not do that. Ever. They are amazing! You will have a clean muffin pan AND safe, sound and WHOLE muffins or cupcakes. These gorgeous parchment sleeves will protect your baked good and keep it from sticking to anything but itself. Uff-da! Such a relief. Three cheers for parchment!

I found these at our local Target store but a quick perusal produced them on Amazon too.

Okay. Now that you know…carry on. or maybe I should say Keep Calm and Bake On?

Your welcome. 😉