Citrus Salt Scrub

I have determined I am a lover of all things citrus.  I will most likely provide evidence in future posts but please see past posts for Glazed Lemon Pound Cake and Lemon Sunshine for proof.

So, when I stumbled upon this Citrus Salt Scrub, I was anxious to give it a try.  I assembled these for the important mom’s in my life for Mother’s Day this year.  This scrub would also make a great hostess gift or sweet (or more appropriately salty) addition birthday or shower gift.  (Think pampering.)

Of course, I made one for myself and love using it on my hands and especially my feet to smooth out the roughness.  (Yes, my feet have officially entered the stage where they require some special care.  Apparently, it happens to the best of us.)

What you will need:

    • 1 cup sea salt
    • 1/4 cup vegetable oil (or olive, almond or coconut oil)
    • 1/2 tsp lemon juice (or zest)
    • 1/2 tsp orange zest (not necessary)


    • First mix the oil and sea salt together. (Add a bit of oil at a time, you may not need all that is called for! I’ve made a few batches, each time it has taken different amounts.)
    • Add orange zest.
    • Drizzle the lemon juice over the salt and oil mix. (You do not want too much lemon juice, or else your mixture will become a watery consistency.)
    • Mix well. Store in an air tight container.

How to exfoliate: Clean body as normal in shower. Just before getting out, apply salt scrub in a firm circular motion all over body. Concentrating on those knees and elbows! (and in my case feet!) Rinse and pat dry with towel.

One batch as given above fills a half-pint jar perfectly.  You can adjust accordingly depending on the container you choose.  I used lemon and orange zest and a bit of lemon juice.  The beauty is that you can tweak to your preference.

Special thanks to KristanLynn and her blog for the inspiration.

Cheers to summertime and exfoliation!



Apparently I have been on a blogging hiatus. It is self-imposed. I am not happy about it. Life has been a bit messier than usual around here lately and so the special things I get to do (as infrequent as that already seems to be) were put on pause. That is what I like to think anyway. I pushed pause. Now, I am pushing play. The hiatus has ended. (Yippee!)

What is the main cause of such a pause, you ask?

Well, we moved. We were extremely fortunate to sell our house in this economy and so quickly. We are still thanking God and our lucky stars for that! If you have ever moved, you understand the process. In my single days, I moved around a fair amount and became quite the expert. A roommate would move out of town or out of state, life simply bringing the unending change it inevitably brings. But I definitely got the hang of it – what with just me and my measly possessions. But to move as a wife and mother of two wee ones, it was a whole different experience. My husband and I moved belongings we have held, some since our own birth and most certainly since our marriage. We also moved the possessions of our children. I can tell you with a fair amount of certainty that there has been just a wee bit of accumulation over the last five years. A lot of bits for the wee ones, if you catch my drift. Also, there is the hanging on of stuff we have not used in two years (or twenty). Apparently, I have not traditionally been good at purging in any capacity. You do not realize how much stuff you actually have until you are forced to move it. Truly. There was so much that was garbage. There was so much given to charity. And there was so much left. Baby swings and bouncy seats, papers from my childhood days when I pretended I was a high-class executive named Samantha Taylor and grade school essays. It takes time to go through these things and to sort and recollect and reminisce…

In the meantime, during the hiatus, we were also working on the new place. This mostly involved hours and days of cleaning and painting. For me, these activities stole time away from writing and photography and other joy-filled hobbies that I would prefer to be indulging in. Now, you can understand why the pause happened. I guess it wasn’t as much self-imposed as circumstance-imposed. I have come to terms with the pause. I have decided it is okay to pause. Sometimes it is the very best thing we can do, to regroup and to regain our bearings.

And so, I am back. Decidedly. Triumphant. And happy to be!






Spring Remembrance

“If I keep a green bough in my heart, then the singing bird will come” – Chinese Proverb

The birds have been singing their joy-filled songs for a little while here in the woods of Minnesota, even in the midst of inclement weather.  This year, the official greenery that signals spring has been quite slow to make its grand and long anticipated appearance.  I dare not say how many times I have looked outside my window to see snowflakes falling in the last seven days.  Large, heavy, cartoon-like snowflakes.  Last Wednesday, I am afraid it was too much to bear.  It snowed all day.  The depression of it all weighed heavily on my heart.  When one waits so long for winter’s cold bones to once again be covered in the fleshy beauty that God has created, it is difficult to bear Mother Nature and her cruel hand of irony.  Birds singing.  Snow on the ground.

But today, my lilac bush is budding.  The evidence snapped in the picture above. Today, the greenery officially stepped back into our world and the sun flashed her most radiant smile.  All seemed to be right with the world again.  Finally.

Today also marks the day, seven years ago, that my uncle Jim passed away.  The lovely memories I have of him are tucked away for me to pull out any time I fancy, with distinct reminders of him sprinkled in daily life.  His smile, his laughter, and his infectious good nature were a blessing to all who knew and loved him.  He was my Godfather and I miss him.

One week from today marks the day, 34 years ago, that my paternal grandfather (Jim’s father) passed away.  I was only two years old at the time so I do not have memories to cherish, but I know my father does.  So, I hold this time of year in serious reverence and admiration of their lives. I hold my father in a cocoon of endearment upon the loss of his brother and his father.  I wish that I could wish them back, for their time here with us was too short.

Our spring usually seems all too short as well.  If you blink, you might miss it.  But that doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy it with gusto!  And I don’t mean to imply that loved ones and spring are the same.  But I believe when we are gifted life and beauty, we are meant to enjoy them as blessings for however long we are able to behold them.

There will be harsh, difficult, and cruel times.  There will also be moments of new life and blooming growth.  Just as we keep spring in our hearts during the long winter, we can cherish the spirit of our loved ones to aid us through our darkest days.  So, today, in remembrance of two honorable figures in my history, in celebration of  their lives and the life of my budding lilac bush, I wish for you greenery – in your life, your world, your garden, and your heart.