Caramel Apple Dip 

It’s autumn in the north woods and I love everything about it! The leaves are spectacular. Leggings and boots are in effect. Warm soups and chilies are back on. Our family celebrates the season with an annual hay ride at my grandparents, complete with potluck dishes and a bonfire. Sometimes, we even throw in a shrimp boil for good measure.

My dear sister Amy is always finding yummy recipes to share at events and a few years ago, she brought this delicious Caramel Apple Dip to our hay ride. I’ve been craving it and decided I had to have it this past weekend.

It is the perfect dish to share at your next fall event! It’s also easy to make and contains 4 simple ingredients, plus your favorite apple for dipping. It reminds me of biting into a big caramel apple as a kid. (Such a treat!) But it has the added bonus of creamy goodness and my favorite Heath candy bar. (So. Much. Toffee. Goodness.) I love the combination of sweet and tart! I use Granny Smith apples but I encourage you to pair with your favorite. Enjoy!

Thanks to Crumbs and Chaos for the perfect fall treat!

Click here to find recipe: Caramel Apple Dip


3rd Annual Garden Party

In June, the ladies of our clan gathered for our 3rd annual garden party.  My dear mom hosted this year’s event.  Our garden lunch was light and refreshing, accompanied by mimosas and strawberry lemonade.  Featured foods included cucumber sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, scones, sugared grapes, fresh vegetables with dip, smoked salmon dip with crackers, and blueberry tart.

garden lunch

Part of the garden party adventure is discovering precious items and different varieties of plants and flowers at the hostess’ garden.  Of course, every garden party needs a garden fairy.

garden fairy

Or three!  Eva and Ruthie were happy to fill in with their fairy wings and sweet smiles.


Ladies brought perennials and a few annuals to share with other guests.


This year we also completed an innovative craft project.  Solar lanterns!

Boy, did we have fun with the wire and beads.  Aren’t they gorgeous?

solar lanterns

One guest, who holds a fascination with toads, decided to hold her discovery captive inside her lantern.  She was eventually persuaded to release him.


We had such a good time at this year’s event!  We always enjoy a reason to don summer hats and sun dresses.

Special thanks to my sister-in-law Jolene for her craft idea.  We loved it!

Solar Lantern Project

Mason Jar with Band
Solar Light
E-6000 Craft Adhesive (use to secure solar light to jar band)
Wire (to form ring around neck and create lantern handle – we used 18 gauge galvanized steel and some used copper, which was found to be more pliable)
Needle Nose Pliers
Wire Cutter
Glass Beads for Inside Jar (reflect light at night)
Beads for Wire
Pencil to Twist Wire