Bogle Vineyards

I love surprises.  Good surprises.  Happy surprises.  Surprises that give joy, gladness, and excitement.

I was recently surprised (and experienced all of the emotions listed above) by a dear friend’s visit back home.

We celebrated by enjoying an evening out at a local establishment

Our destination is a favorite of mine. (And so is my friend!)

We held our groom’s dinner here and have celebrated many special occasions over the years. 

They indulge their patrons in what my husband terms “feel-good food”.   

It is also a place I enjoy spending time with dear ladies in my life, taking in a lovely lunch or a mom’s night out.

So, it goes without saying that when dear said friend ordered a bottle of wine, it would also be lovely.

I was eager to try a new label and have happily added this to my wine list.

I wanted to share the discovery with you, in the event that you may be looking for a new winemaker to try.

Without further ado, I introduce you to Bogle Vineyards.  We thoroughly enjoyed the Chardonnay.

During a family dinner at another local restaurant, we tried the Riesling by accident.

I had requested a bottle of Bogle Chardonnay and our server delivered the Bogle Riesling

We were happy to have been privy to the mistake.

I am clearly favoring whites here but Bogle also carries gorgeous reds.  Summer just calls for white.  For me.

Cheers to a new favorite!

Details below and photo above courtesy of the Bogle Vineyards site.

Bogle Winery - Phantom
Winemaking is both an art and a science, and Bogle winemakers have again hand-crafted a perfectly balanced, yet complex Chardonnay. Using the techniques of barrel fermentation, sur-lie aging and partial malolactic fermentation, winemakers have layered flavor upon flavor, creating an easy-to-enjoy wine with generous character.Generous aromas of fruit and toasty oak entice the senses as you first encounter this Chardonnay. Green apples and juicy pears give way to elegant hints of lemon meringue, and finish ripe and refreshing on the palate. Created by aging on the lees, the rich and velvety mouthfeel adds complexity to the fruit, allowing the flavors to sink softly into toasty notes of American oak. The finish, lingering and graceful, is coupled by a mouthwatering acidity that creates a longing for just one more sip….
Enjoy this wine with just about everything!
Bogle Winery - Phantom
Our 2011 Riesling will seduce you from the very first sip. Grown in the cool microclimate of Monterey, these grapes showcase fruit full of expression and concentration, leading to a well-balanced white wine.Ripe yellow peaches and fresh pears spring from the glass, while juicy mango and other tropical notes show off in the background. Though 100% stainless steel fermented, the grape’s spicy tendencies show through, with touches of nutmeg melding with the stone fruits. Honeyed and lingering, the finish fills the palate, yet refreshes with its acidity.
Riesling is a great food wine…it can partner with spicy Asian dishes, fresh fruits and soft cheeses. Enjoy chilled…

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