My Kindergarten Heart

Last week we celebrated Easton’s graduation from pre-school at Trinity.  He has been attending Trinity since he was eighteen months old.  He will be six in a few weeks.  (Six!!?!!) 

I keep asking myself, “Where has the time gone?”.  I knew this day was coming.  I have known for years.  And yet, my heart is still having a hard time letting go.  

My sweet boy.

Oh, I have soaked up every single moment with him and will continue to do so.

But now, it is as if a part of me is not sitting here at my laptop but it is sitting in Mrs. B’s class at Garfield Elementary School.  My heart is at kindergarten.  I took the day off in anticipation of this monumental event.  Because I thought I might be sad.  And I am.  But happy too.  Because Easton is so very excited for Kindergarten. 

He has been talking about it for well over a year, eagerly anticipating the day when he could attend.  We have encountered numerous kindergarten adventures in the books we read at home.  He has been attending pre-school two days a week so he is familiar with the environment.  He attended Kinder Camp two days last week, which most certainly helped ease the transition to the new school for both student and mother alike. 

Last night, I was too excited to sleep.  My mind was reeling with memories of the past and anxiety about the future.  So, I prayed.  As hot tears began to roll down my cheeks, I prayed for blessings at Kindergarten.  For kind hearts, for guidance and protection, and for a great year of learning.  I prayed for the teachers and parents and when I thought of the whole universe and mothers everywhere doing this or having done this, I felt better.  Much better. 

So, it is with an excited heart that I present to you my sweet boy, who now has the new title of (gulp!) Kindergartener.

Is it just me or does he look older in only one week???

I know I have been in various stages of denial throughout the summer.  Click here for proof.

However, I put on my brave mom game face for Easton today and am slowly sliding into acceptance. 


Back to School Blessings to All –


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