Merry Christmas

Christmas Donuts

It is that festive time of year, to bring good cheer wherever you can. Last Saturday, I chose to infuse some fun into our breakfast. I baked some chocolate donuts and donned them with red, white and green sprinkles. Sometimes it’s the little things. The kids, of course, loved them. I am reminded by the events in the world that it is actually always the little things. Kisses, hugs, squeezes, and tickles abound at the Andersons in firework finale fashion. I see my kids through lenses that have been adjusted into a heightened state of awareness. I am reminded that the traditions we cling to each Christmas are more important than ever. I am grateful for each moment. I delight in the simple smile returned by a stranger and the way my children’s faces light up at the magic of Christmas. I will cherish each moment, tiny and gigantic, and know that some parents are not as fortunate. My heart has been sick for the families in Connecticut and I carry that with me as I go about my days. While there are tears behind my smiles, there is also a deep sense of meaning and purpose for my own life and the lives of my children. I find an ever-pressing need to bring God into every part of our day, because I need Him now more than ever. We have many great books about Christmas and this year we made the delightful discovery of a new favorite, God Gave Us Christmas by Lisa Tawn Bergren. (Lisa is also the author of God Gave Us You.)


The pages are beautifully illustrated and the story is endearing. One of my favorite pages and text:


May God be with you this Christmas and each day of the new year.

May you find magic in His majesty and wonder in His love.

May you find His light in the darkness and may you be a light for others.


Merry Christmas!


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