Simple Holiday Treats

I wanted to take a moment to share a few easy holiday treats.  I know I’m a bit late in offering these (I apologize!) but I also know people oftentimes celebrate with family and friends after Christmas too.  Honestly, either of these could be made anytime with adjustments to their decorative offerings.  The first are these cute little sandwiches.


You’ll need:

Ritz Crackers

Peanut Butter

Chocolate Almond Bark

Simply take a Ritz cracker and spread it with peanut butter, then top with another cracker.  In essence making a mini peanut butter sandwich.  Repeat until you have your desired amount.  I used two sleeves of Ritz crackers when I did it and copious amounts of peanut butter.  They are cute and yummy and you can eat one (or two!) if you need a little sustenance for the task at hand.  I make a bunch and stack them on a plate.  Then, I use the double broiler method to heat up the Chocolate Almond Bark.  Once the chocolate is fully melted, remove from heat.  You can dip these little babies to your heart’s content and then lay on a piece of waxed paper to cool and harden.  I just use a fork to drop them in, flip them so they are fully covered with chocolate, and then tap off the excess on the side of the bowl.

Ritz Close Up

To add to their cute-ness factor, you can add sprinkles if you like or just leave them as is.

I also wanted to mention these addictive little pretzel treats and share a photo of the red and green holiday edition.

Pretzel Treats

I originally shared these treats when I made them for Valentine’s day last year.  They are so versatile and can be made any time of year with regular M & M’s or your favorite holiday version.  Click Here for the full link containing details on the Pretzel Treats.

Do you have a favorite easy treat you make for the holidays?  I would love for you to share in the comments section!


One thought on “Simple Holiday Treats

  1. I love those ritz cookie things….I keep candy melts on hand for when I get a hankering for these, or chocolate covered pretzels. Never thought of doing it with a fork (I’ve always used a spoon), silly me!


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