Oreo Truffles

My Friday morning was filled with the making of wonderful and glorious Oreo Truffles.

Then, I had a very exciting photo shoot with the lovely sweet creations.

First, I have to tell you why it was so exciting.

Since my last post, I had the pleasure of taking part in the Capture Yours workshop offered by Gretchen Ennis Photography & Design and Lisa Sherwood Photography.  I am pleased/thrilled/ecstatic/elated/over-the-moon to report that I was able to take all of my pics in manual mode.  It’s a big deal, folks.  At least for this girl.  A big thank you to Gretchen and Lisa for giving me the final pieces and confidence to raise my camera skills to the next level.

Okay, on to the photos.

First, there were the sugars, sprinkles, jimmies, and nonpareil that would adorn the truffles.


Then, there was the melting of almond bark and dipping of truffles.

No pics of that as it was somewhat tedious and messy.

But once these babies were ready for their shoot – man, did we have a good time.

Pinch me!  Because not only am I of Irish descent, but I love taking pictures of food.  Weird, huh?

(I think it’s weird.)  In my defense, the subjects are amicable and rarely tire out.

As a nod to wee leprechauns and pots of gold, vanilla-coated versions with rainbow sprinkles.

vanilla truffles

These are chocolate dipped with a bit of green icing, in honor of good ol’ St. Patty’s Day.

chocolate truffles

I love the contrast of the vanilla dipped and topped with chocolate jimmies and/or chocolate icing…

More Vanilla

A gorgeous group shot with sea salt topped truffles headlining at the front.

Group Shot

Oh, and maybe you’d like the Oreo Truffles recipe?  Click here for the printable version.

I also strongly believe a close up of the chocolate group never hurt anyone.

chocolate close-up

Of course, with 64 truffles in the house, I felt an incredible need to share.  So, I managed to find some treat bags that were somewhat worthy of the holiday and packaged up these delightful babes to gift.  I had so many because I made a double batch, one with Chocolate Oreo Cookies and one with Golden Oreo Cookies.

If you look really close, you can see a horse-shoe shaped sprinkle that magically transpired during the truffle development.  Hmmm…

truffle gifts

Here’s hoping you had a bit of magic and luck on St. Patty’s Day too –

Cheers!  (or I should say Sláinte!)


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