Simple Fish Dip

Okay, y’all. I’ve got something yummy to share. Last fall, I took a trip to see my dear friend Mo in Florida and was lucky enough to meet some new friends too! We ended up at a lovely little local spot called Nauti Nancy’s with live music and cocktails. It set the scene for a very relaxing Sunday. Of course, the menu included a wide variety of items that boasted of our proximity to the ocean. We started off with an appetizer of fish dip, which was raved about by the locals who were dining with us. It was such a simple dish and lately, back home in MN, I was craving the beloved appetizer. I improvised a little and just used tuna (Please don’t laugh. I know we have fish here in Minnesota too but I was taking the easy route.) So, what I am sharing with you is the idea of fish dip because I don’t really have an actual fancy fish dip recipe (yet) to share with you. But I do have the accompaniments and my improvisation which gives a delightful little remake of the fish dip I experienced in Florida.

Without further ado, here is the spread:


The cracker is just the very basic soda cracker (saltine, if you will). Next, the meaty base consists of a package of white tuna mixed with a spoonful of mayo and some salt and pepper. You could easily improvise here with chicken too, in place of the tuna. The thing is that most of the flavor comes from the toppings so you don’t have to get too fancy with the base. After that, we have diced tomatoes, hot banana peppers, jalapeño peppers, and red (purple) onion.

Once assembled, our simple appetizer resembles a colorful array of flavors:

A delightful close up:

And don’t forget our lovely, little lady, Cholula (any hot sauce will do) to kick up the party to a whole new level. She likes being added right on top, if you dare.

This was my attempt to bring a wonderful vacation memory back to life. And you know what? It actually worked. My husband loved it too. It goes quite well with a cold beer (or two). Enjoy!


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