Let It Go

I am a person who holds on to things. Tightly. Memories. Conversations. Things. I hold on especially to things that have any sort of personal attachment tied to them (which is pretty much everything). A gift from my grandmother. A stuffed animal I bought for my child before they were born. My son’s art projects from kindergarten. And because I associate these very special people or memories with the particular item, I cannot let the item go. It is as if by getting rid of the item, I am afraid I will lose the attachment that I associate with it. Obviously, that causes quite a conundrum. (Not to mention a lot of extra stuff.)

Which is where my sweet little friend Marie Kondo comes into the picture. I picked up this little gem right before Thanksgiving…


I have slowly and very consciously made my way through this darling and insightful book. And it is has fully changed the way I see items in my home. {alleluia music}

People! It’s a total game changer. I am so happy to report that I can now let things go. Because they are just that. Things. If I don’t love the item or it doesn’t serve a purpose to me or my family (read: used regularly), I let it go.

That is right, folks.

I. Let. It. Go.

{insert musical break to belt it out like Elsa from Frozen for a few minutes}

It has been very refreshing to be able to let things go and I just wanted to share this new way of thinking with you. Just in case there are other like-minded, attachment-issue peoples out there just like me. 😉

Thank you Marie Kondo for the life-changing magic of tidying up.

Dear readers, I highly recommend checking out the book. Kondo has great ideas and insight for those of us who need some help letting go of our long-held, but no longer necessary items that clutter the nooks and crannies of our homes. She has great tips and tricks on how to store items too. We all want to live in a space that sparks joy, which Kondo has aptly titled her next book . Here’s to spring cleaning!

May you experience the magic at your abode,


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